Here's a curated collection of original scores I have composed for various movies recently. If you like what you hear, please share them via the link below, or you can buy some of them here. All musical works, compositions and sound recordings Copyright © Richard Harvey MMXVIII.

I've been lucky enough to work with some of the best production and stunt teams in the business who have movies under their belts such as Black Panther, The Hunger Games, Captain America: Civil War, Man of Steel, Jack Reacher, The Italian Job, and The Dark Knight Rises amongst others. The privilege of working with this talent has helped push my creativity and provide me with an opportunity to work across every genre. All of these scores have been composed to add extra emotional depth and sonic width to draw the audience into the story, whether it be through a haunting solo horn, or a thunderous orchestra of over 300 players:

Keys To Freedom (TV Movie)     |     FANTASY / ACTION - Splinter Vision Media (2018 - Post Production)
Promised Land     |     DRAMA / ACTION - Storyist Productions (2018)
All The Creatures Were Stirring     |     FANTASY - Single Serving Pictures (2018 - Post Production)
Afterlife     |     SCIENCE FICTION / ROMANCE - Storyist Productions (2017) - Selected for the Arizona Sunburn Film Festival
Culling Darkness     |     HORROR / FANTASY - Blazing Storm Productions (2019 - In Production)
30 Lives Later     |     DRAMA - Single Serving Pictures (2018 - In Production)
Shots     |     ACTION - Single Serving Pictures (2016)
Until the Dead Lie Still     |     THRILLER / DRAMA - Single Serving Pictures (2015)
Jail Bait     |     ROMANCE / COMEDY - Single Serving Pictures (2015)
Let's Get Freaky     |     HORROR - Single Serving Pictures (2015)
Dark Hearted Mountain     |     DRAMA - GRAMAX8 (2019 - Pre Production)
Transcendent     |     MUSIC VIDEO - GRAMAX8 (2014)

A more extensive (and oficial) list can be found on the IMDb - International Movie Database. I'm currently working on a number of exciting projects so check back to see the latest list of stuff in the works, together with any release dates and big screen premiere details as they come up.

Originally born in Northampton, England, I'm a film composer living in the capital of the deep American South - Atlanta, Georgia. I began my musical career in the British Indie Charts in the brooding, industrial band James Ray and the Performance on the Sisters of Mercy's Merciful Release label. Since then I've matured beyond distorted guitars and industrial Akai samplers. Falling in love with the sheer power and majesty of big brass, string and woodwind orchestras, choirs, and a multi-decade obsession with medieval instruments, has resulted in a personal journey towards a deeper passion - the Big Screen.

I've built an extensive portfolio of powerful (but sometimes intensely delicate) cinematic scores, which have been shown on every type of screen including Film Festivals. These have spanned every genre from Romance, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi & Supernatural Fantasies to bloodthirsty Horrors and desperate, downward-spiralling Thrillers. Some eerie, some tearful, some intense, and some brimming with staccato action to underscore stunts performed by some of the best in the business.

These were all composed with a maniacal level of attention to give characters more depth, forge a more powerful emotional connection to the audience, and drive dramatic action to the edge of your seat (or cliff where necessary). I really hope you enjoy listening to some of the scores here and check back often to hear some of the new material on the cook.