The following is a selection of some tracks and original scores I have composed for various movies recently. If you like what you hear, please share them via the links below, or you can buy some of them here.

All musical works, compositions and sound recordings Copyright © Richard Harvey MMXVII.


The following Movies are a selection of some of the soundtracks Richard has composed and completed original scores for recently:

"Keys To Freedom (TV Movie)" | FANTASY / ACTION - Splinter Vision Media (2017 - Post Production)
"Afterlife" | SCIENCE FICTION / ROMANCE - Glass-McSherry Productions (2016 - Post Production)
"30 Lives Later" | DRAMA - Single Serving Pictures (2016 - In Production)
"Shots" | ACTION - Single Serving Pictures (2016)
"Until the Dead Lie Still" | THRILLER / DRAMA - Single Serving Pictures (2015)
"Jail Bait" | ROMANTIC COMEDY - Single Serving Pictures (2015)
"Galeophobia" | COMEDY - Single Serving Pictures (2015)
"Let's Get Freaky" | HORROR - Single Serving Pictures (2015)
"Transcendent" | MUSIC VIDEO - GRAMAX8 (2014)
"Culling Darkness" | HORROR / SUPERNATURAL - Blazing Storm Productions (2017 - In Production)
"Dark Hearted Mountain" | DRAMA - GRAMAX8 (2017 - Pre Production)
"The Trail" | THRILLER / HORROR - GRAMAX8 (2017 - Pre Production)

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I'm currently working on a number of projects so check back to see the latest list of releases in the works, together with any release dates and big screen premiere details.




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